Student Visa Rejections

A student visa may get rejected due to immigrant intent or due to lack of funding. Visa may temporarily be rejected for lack of documentation. In such cases visa may be granted if you furnish those documents. Do not ever use a fraudulent bank statement that some visa consultants may provide you. If you falsify information or use forged documents you may get disqualified permanently for any type of U.S. visa.

Common causes of Rejections

Admission to a very low-ranked University
Admission without Funding
Poor GRE or TOEFL score
Lack of financial documents
Presence of relatives in USA
Incoherent Academic goals

Visa Re application

One can reapply after 3 days but the decision will remain the same unless new information like funding offer is shown. If your visa got rejected, consider to reapply after one year with improved profile.

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