Application Fee

Applying to US Universities is an expensive exercise. Application fee ranges between $20 and $150. In some cases, there is a higher application fee for international applicants. Fee is an important part of the application because the application is not considered complete till the fee is received.

Universities accept and prefer a credit card payment. The payment is part of the online application process. You can also supply the credit card information over the phone to the University. If you are doing this, be sure that you initiate the phone call. If the University is calling you, you never know if it is a genuine phone call or a scamster trying to take away your credit card information.

The alternative to credit card payment is a US Dollar Bank draft getting which will be painful or very very painful, depending on your country of residence. If you are from a country where credit cards are not very commonly used, or you or your parents do not have a credit card for whatever reason, consider getting a credit card before the US University application process begins. It will save you a lot of hassles. Be sure that the credit card is accepted internationally.

Fee Waiver requests

Fee Waiver requests are not considered in case of international applicants. Some Universities have stated policies of fee waiver for US citizens if they can demonstrate their inability to afford the fee.

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