Application Tracking

After you are done with the applications, take a small break, and then actively track your applications. Be reasonable and have patience. University staff have a job to do and excessive enquiries could waste their time.

Tracking the application on the University website

Universities provide online tracking. Usually it is accessible with the same login and password as your online application or you may be provided with a different login ID. Have patience, it takes one or two weeks for the Universities to update the information. However if some document or score report is not reflected for two weeks take necessary action.

Tracking your courier packet

You can track your courier packets on their website. This is updated within a few hours.

Tracking your GRE GMAT TOEFL or other score reporting

You should be able to see the status of your score report on the University website. If you feel your score has not been received even after six weeks of reporting, contact ETS and enquire about the status. ETS mails (via postal service, not email) your score report and when it was sent to the requested Universities.

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