Student Visa - Sample Interview

This is an actual interview of our member Arpit at the US Consulate in Chennai India in June 2008. Arpit got admission offer for MS in computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University. Reproduced with permission. Thank you Arpit.

Visa Officer: Hello
student: Hello
VO: Put your middle finger of left hand on finger scanner
student: [I created some 20 sec scene by using all fingers of right hand and then second hand ( I thought, I have screwed the interview..)]
VO: When did u graduate?
student: told
VO: How long u r working?
student: told
VO: On which project?
student :told
VO: Asked to explain more?
student: didnt understand what to tell him so,.. told him some technical things.. so he stopped me :-)
VO: Why didnt you send your GRE scors to CMU?( asked 4 times)
student: didnt understand him, then I got him, I didnt send the scores during the test. It wasnt mentioned on my gre score report.
VO: When did u send?
student: December
VO: Who is sponsoring?
student: my parents
VO: What do they do?
student: told
Visa was granted. took almost 1:30 minutes

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