GMAT - Graduate Management Aptitude test

The GMAT ® measures verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills that are not related to any specific field of study. GMAT does not carry any question on Business or Management.

Analytical Writing (60 Minutes)

The skills measured include the test taker's ability to critically analyze an idea or an argumant in standard and grammatically correct English. The AWA consists of two separate writing tasks - Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument. 30 minutes are allocated to complete each one. This is an important part of GMAT.

Quantitative (75 Minutes)

This section contains 37 questions which are broadly of two types - Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. The mathematical knowledge tested maps to at most the class 10th or sophomore year of a high school Mathematics syllabus. Advanced mathematical concepts like calculus are not tested.

Verbal (75 Minutes)

This section contains 41 multiple choice questions of three types - Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction.

700 is a very good score on the GMAT. It is possible to get admitted to good MBA programs with a 600 plus score.

GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test

The Computer presents you with a question of a particular difficuly level depending on your previous response. If you get the first question right, second question will be little more difficult. If you get a question wrong, the next question will be easier. There is no way to skip a question. First few question carry a lot more weightage than the later questions. The last few questions carry very small weight.

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