Resume for University Applications

A one page resume should be included with the application even if not specifically asked for. Online applications allow you to upload additional documents. Otherwise you can include the resume with your offline packet. A resume should highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses. For example if you scored 59% marks in your undergraduate degree, do not mention the marks, if you scored 82% mention it. If you were ranked 2nd out of 90 students, mention 'Rank 2 out of 90', if you were ranked 2nd out of 8 students, just mention the 2nd rank without mentioning out of how many. Include some of the information not already part of your application, for example, languages spoken or countries traveled to. The resume must include your name, email ID and phone number with country code. Do not write your date of birth, age or your father's name on the resume.

MBA Applicants

Resume is a key component of MBA applications and must be included. It should focus on your work experience in the reverse chronological order. All experiences, full-time or part-time, should be included. With every job, mention what you accomplished on the job. There should be one section for leadership and community service. Focus on your most recent accomplishments. Do not include activities from high school. If you have more than three years of full time experience then it is ok to have a 2 page resume, unless the application guidelines mention otherwise.

MS PhD Applicants

For MS and PhD applications, focus on academic achievements and publications, if any. There should be a section for awards and scholarships. Work experience should be mentioned but too many details are not required. If any work experience was related to research, then highlight it very prominently. You should mention your class rank if it was respectable enough. If you have any computer skills, mention it, it may help secure a graduate assistantship. Focus on your accomplishments during the college / undergraduate level and later.

BS Applicants

At BS level, a lot of weightage is given to well rounded applicants. You have already submitted your transcripts, marksheets and SAT score so the admission committee has a good idea of your academic potential. In the resume you should try to convey an image of a very well rounded individual. Highlight any leadership role at your school or in the community. Any volunteer work, fundraising, involvement in sports, etc. should be included. Focus on your activities and achievements in the high school (grade 9th onwards).

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