List of U.S. Universities for Specialities / Other Fields

On this page we list some good programs in rather uncommon fields, the information about which is not easily available specially at one place. We have not included ALL programs or only the top 5, rather a representative list of some of the top and some good programs in these fields. Feel free to suggest more inclusions to the lists.

M.S. in Financial Engineering
UC Berkeley Haas
UCLA Anderson
Polytechnic University

M.S. in Operations Research
Purdue University
Case western reserve University
Pennsylvania State univ
Yale University
University of North Carolina

M.S. in Real Estate
Cornell University
Texas A&M University
New York University
UT Arlington
University of Cincinnati

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) programs
University of Texas at Austin
The Ohio State University
University of Utah
University of Pittsburgh
Oregon State University

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