Dual degrees and Minors

At undergraduate level you can take more courses, and be eligible to get a dual or triple major and end up spending a semester or two more in the process. At Masters level some Universities provide well-structured dual degree options. For example:

Master of Computer Science and MBA at UIUC

MS-MBA Dual Degree Program in at the Univ. of Tennessee

MBA/MS-MIS Dual Degree at Univ. of Pittsburgh

Master of Business Administration/Juris Doctor Joint Degree Program (MBA/JD) at Univ. of Massachusettes, Dartmouth

MS in Biotechnology/MBA at John Hopkins

MD/PhD Joint Degree at Harvard Medical School

There are no easy paths to dual degrees. Student need to be independently admitted to both prograns and of course pass both courses to be eligible for the dual degree. Academic rigour is challenging enough for one degree so two degrees may be too much to handle. The jobs in USA are very focussed and openings are specific to one skill set. A dual degree can however be beneficial in the long run.

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