Student Loans

Student loans are an increasingly common way to fund higher education in the USA. The repayment of loans does not start at least until the completion of the degree program. The interest rates may be lower than other types of loans. A collateral, guarantor or co-signer may be required.

Loans from USA

It is easy to get a student loan from a US bank if you are a US citizen or resident, and have a credit history. Anyone can get a loan from US bank irrespective of your country of citizenship, IF you have a US resident who is willing to co-sign your loan. The interest rate on a student loan in USA depends on the federal prime lending rate. This rate is on a historical low as on July 2008.

Student Loans in your home country

In most countries it should be possible to get a student loan for studies at a U.S. University. Banks may require collateral in terms of fixed deposits or other assets.

Student Loans in India

Student Loans in China

Student Loans in Republic of Korea

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