Settling down: A new Country and Culture

Even though many students come to the US with the impression that they know a lot about the country, they may find themselves experiencing culture shock! A foreigner's perception may be largely based on what they see in US movies. If this is true in your case, consider whether most movies from your own country give an accurate picture of real life.

A newcomer's accent may be unfamiliar to students of other cultures. Some people withdraw into their own shell and hesitate to talk - do not let this happen to you! Studying in a different country is a great opportunity to make friends and learn more about a new culture.

A newcomer needs to get familiar with the concept of maintaining a good credit history. You may get many offers for credit cards, but be wary of the conditions before accepting any. It can seem tempting at first to take many credit cards to pay your fees, buy a car and travel around the US to meet your relatives. Beware - this could suck you into a pool of debt that could distract you from your studies and invite unnecessary tension into your life. Unpaid debts will show up on your credit report many years after you have paid them, and could seriously affect your ability to get loans in future.

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