Life Beyond a Poor score on GRE GMAT or TOEFL

Low GRE Score

GRE is one of many factors in admission. Most Universities do not have a minimum cut off. If you are targetting a top Science, Mathematics or Engineering program, and your GRE Quant is below 700, you may need to consider taking the GRE again. But if you take the GRE more than once most Universities take the avarage score. You also need to consider the financial burden and timeline slippage for a retake.

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Low TOEFL score

If your TOEFL score is somewhat low (70-90) you may still be eligible for many good Universities. Check the University websites and make a list of Universities you are eligible for. TOEFL should be your main criteria in University selection. If you got a very low TOEFL score (below 70) take a break and watch some movies - American movies. Study some more and try again.

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