Unless you are from a top University of your own country, you will find US University coursework difficult to handle, specially in the first semester when you do not understand the accent well. Z is pronounced Zee not Zed. This is really important for all Science and Engineering majors to understand from day one.This section provides some crucial information to help you adjust with academics.

Course Registration for the first Semester

It is unfortunate but you must be very watchful for course registration as soon as you become eligible. Everything you may learn slowly, but if you miss out on registration then your academic plans might be derailed. As soon as the registration is done and you get a login ID, first thing you do is to register for all courses that you want to take in the first semester. These registrations are open for many days and popular classes go fast. Even if you get a course, you may be getting a less preferred Professor's section. If the course(s) of your choice are full enrol for whatever you are getting. Keep checking the registration website six times a day, some other student may opt out or they may even increase the class size. After you have enrolled for courses (usually 3) check with your department office whether your choices are correct and permissible. Sometime you may enrol in a course which looks normal but might be a course for different level / an honors section / a course not permissible on your degree plan. Make sure you are enrolled for the minimum required credit hours other wise you may violate DHS regulations. Hopefully you got some books from your home country, if not buy used books. Semesters are very fast paced and you must have books before the first day of the class. Go to every class 5 minutes early, and read before the class. Professors expect that you are familiar with the material being discussed.


There may not be a written rule but go to all the classes. If you miss classes you may miss a pop-up (surprise) quiz. If you are failing in the end, the Professor may not show you any mercy if you were not regularly attending the classes.

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