How to evaluate Multiple Admission Offers

This will be one of the most crucial decisions you have had to take ever. A wrong decision will come back to haunt you later. A typical dilemma is to accept a lucrative TA or RA position at a lower ranked University or to take a risk and accept a financially non lucrative but academically excellent offer from a very reputable University. There is no right or wrong answer and much depends on your financial and risk taking abilities. At forums, we help you evaluate multiple offers at the "Multiple Admission Offers" forum.

How to accept an offer

You should convey your decision to the office that sent you the admission letter. In case of MS or PhD applicants you should convey your decision to the department office. The acceptance letter should demonstrate your high level of happiness and excitement. This is crucial because students from Asian cultures are not used to expressing the same level of excitement and happiness that is common in the American culture. This happiness and excitement gives an impression that you are really interested and are likely to actually join the program. This will make you a serious contender for possible funding or assistantship.

How to decline admission offers

You should send a letter of regret to all the Universities that offered you admission. This is important for courtesy and the Universities can extend admission to other waitlisted candidates. Even if you do not like that University, mention that it is a great honor to get the admission and you have decided to join other Universities due to better opportunities. If you are nice to them, you will have a foot in the door, if something goes wrong with your top choice Universities you can try to revert back. If you mention that you are going elsewhere due to a lucrative assistantship, the University may offer you some funding.

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