Statement of Purpose

You might have written a lot of essays. Statement of Purpose or SOP is one of a special kind that we usually get to write if we apply for admission to a US University. The Statement of Purpose is an essay about yourself where you get to highlight your strengths and explain weaknesses if any. For a MS or PhD program the focus of the statement should be on your planned research work. The Application process has detailed instructions on specific requirements and word limits. Here are some general guidelines that apply to most Universities.

  • Write in your own words - never ever copy your essay from any source

  • Mention a good reason why you are interested in that University or program

  • Do not repeat any information already covered in the application

  • Highlight your strengths

  • Strictly adhere to word limits

  • Statement of Purpose: FAQ

    Q: Should I send the same SOP to all Universities?
    A: No, Different Universities have different expectations and formats. Read more.

    Q: I am interested in Computers since I was a toddler. Should I mention this in my SOP?
    A: No, Childhood dreams have no place in an SOP. It should begin with your college time goals and aspirations.

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