Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are needed for most graduate programs. For MBA admissions, typically 2 letters of recommendation are needed, while 3 letters are required for MS and PhD programs. MBA programs value letters from employer or current boss. For a MS or PhD program the letter should be from Professors. The Application packet has detailed instructions on specific requirements for the letters of recommendation. Here are some general guidelines.

  • Identify potential professors who may write you a letter of recommendation and maintain contact with them.

  • Inform the professors early and give them sufficient time to write.

  • Do waive your right to see the letters, if you do not do so, they do not carry much weight

  • Be sure to complete your name and other information before you hand over the papers to the recommenders

  • Provide the recommender with a summary of your information, and a copy of your resume

  • Provide them with proper envelopes which have address and postage if required

  • Reco FAQ

    Q: What is the waiver of the right to review?
    A: Every US University gives you the option to waive the right to review the letter of recommendation. It means that if you do not sigh the waiver, you can ask for the letter of recommendation IF you enrol at that University.

    Q: Should I waive the right to review.
    A: Most definitely, YES. Read more.

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