BS Bachelor of Science / B.S. in Engineering

BS (Bachelor of Science) degree is awarded in any field after the 4 year undergraduate program. It is possible to complete a BS degree in less than 4 years and some students take five years too.

Read the Liberal Arts page for details on a B.S. degree in Liberal Arts field. This page focuses on B.S. program in Engineering

SAT is required for admission to B.S. programs in Engineering and Computer Science. TOEFL may be required for international students. SAT score is one of many factors and it does not make or break your application. A low SAT score is ok if you have a strong academic record and demonstrated leadership qualities.

Pursuing a B.S. program at a U.S. University can be very expensive. To save money, a smart idea is to study the first two years at a community college and then apply for a transfer. In case of international applicants, you may complete the first two years in your own country and then join a reputable U.S. University as a transfer student.

US Universities have generous scholarships for athletes and sportspersons. Check out for sports scholarship offers if you are a proficient player/ athlete.

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