Why Study in the USA

Most of the top ranked Universities on the face of earth are in the USA. At a US University you may attend a class taught by a Nobel Laureate , a leading researcher or author in a field. The research facilities and funding at US Universities are world class.If you got your first degree froma another country, studying abroad is one of the best investments you can make for your career. US remains the top destination for international students. Large US Universities have dedicated International Student offices which cater to the unique needs of international students. On the campus of US University, you may find a student from almost any country of the world.

There are many opportunities of funding at US Universities and many of these opportunities are open to international students. Universities award Scholarships, Fellowships and Assistantships to deserving applicants. In many cases the scholarships or assistantships are combined with full or partial tuition waiver.

If you are planning to permanently migrate to the USA, a University degree may be a first solid step towards that goal. With a degree from a US University, you are likely to do well in the job market. If you plan to work in any country in the world, the degrees awarded by US Universities are very well recognized.

In addition to all very good reasons mentioned above, the education experience at a US University can be a lot of fun. You can participate in many on campus activities and programs for students. There is more flexibility than you can think of. The students get to decide what courses they will take and which Professors class they would like to join, in some cases, even when they want to graduate!

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