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"I recenly got admitted to USC and Univ of Florida. I owe a MAJOR share of this success to app2us.com. Things would have been really different today had I not bumped into app2us. I thank App2US Advisors and other members who have contributed so much to this forum. After going through quite a few websites of similar types I am convinced this one is most read (well, I come on this site almost daily!) and one of the most informative!. App2US staff, you're doing a great job! Keep up the good work! I would love to help future aspirants on the forum."
Abdullah Abbasi, B.Tech. Osmania Univ. 2010. Admitted to USC and U of Florida (Fall 2010). Student at U Florida.

"This testimonial stems out of sincere and heartfelt gratitude I have for having the support and encouragement of the app2us advisor(s) during this entire hectic and at times confusing application procedure. I am a physics major planning a major shift to another field and I can confidently say that www.app2us.com, its blog and forums, went a long way in helping me make the best possible decisions all the way. I was bordering on paranoia when they magnanimously offered a free phone consultation and I really have no words to express my thanks to the advisor who called me and spent around 20 minutes explaining to me why I shouldn't have some of the worries that were nagging me. These people genuinely care about the people they're helping which is reflected in the quality of the well informed advice that they give and I'm sure this site will become one major community for prospective graduate students (especially international students) to come together and make use of the wealth of knowledge previous successful applicants had gained during their journey."
Vishnu Sreekumar, M.Sc. Physics, IIT Kanpur 2009. Admitted to Ph.D. in Psychology at The Ohio State University(Autumn 2009).

"When I started preparing for GRE, I had no idea what was I opting for. I thought doing MS in US was much easier then giving entrance exams in India...But the minute I finished my GRE and was asked to choose the univ to send my scores, I knew the trouble has just started - so many univs and so many courses...MS...PhD....SoP's,LoR's...and God knwos what all...it would be right to confess that I was lost... then I found out ths website doing google search. At every step app2us.com helped me. My friends and professors do comment that my univ list is perfectly balanced and I take pride in telling them that the list is the work of www.app2us.com people. I had help from them in reviewing my SOP also, and now when the decisions have started coming in....it could not have been better. I have got admits from Carneigie Mellon, Univ of Southern California and NJIT... and I am waitin for other decisions. All these admits would not have been possible without your guidance and support, I just want to extend my thanks to you. I hope that this website achieve great heights...because sir...what you are doing has changed lives of many youngsters including me, and I do believe that to change someone's life for better is the noblest cause."
Mohit Deep Singh, B.Tech., VIT 2009. Admitted to M.S. in Mech. Engg. at Carnegie Mellon University(Fall 2009).

"app2us.com is a valuable site for all those people who are associated in any way with applying for higher studies in US. The forums on website discusses the most common issues related to applying procedures and provide most accurate and precise information.I took help from app2us while applying and the result is in front of you all :)."
Kushagra Mittal, B.Arch. IIT Roorkee 2008. Admitted to M.S. Construction Management at Stanford University (Fall 2008).

"I was really in a dilemma how to proceed further after taking the GRE. I am very happy that I found app2us.com. The site provided me all guidance that I required. The site admins act as helpful mentors and I felt like I was talking to a friend who really cares about me and my future. After my admission to Carnegie Mellon I was made a moderator of the forum and I plan to offer help to future students to continue the tradition of mentorship."
Arpit Tadon, B.Tech. U.P. Technical Univ. 2006. Admitted to MS in computational biology at Carnegie Mellon (Fall 2008).

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